Gujarat riots victim to approach authorities for job and accommodation

The Supreme Court on 26th October has asked Bilkis Bano, victim in Gujarat riots to appear before authorities with her grievances relating to her job and accommodation provided by the state. At the time of Gujarat riots in 2002, the victim was gang raped when she was 5 months pregnant and her family members were killed. Gujarat Government told that they have paid the victim 50 lakhs and provided a job as per the top court’s order.

But bano in her application said that she was not satisfied with the compliance of the apex court order. She had grievances in the amount paid and the job offer. She said the Gujarat government has only done lip service and they did not comply with the orders properly. The place of accommodation given was only 50 square meters of land which was considered a garden area. The job given to her was a peon’s job in the irrigation department. The bench on 26th October 2020 has ordered Bano to withdraw her interlocutory application and to make a representation before the authorities with the grievances.

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