Delhi HC Asks EC For Response in Plea Filed by Plurals Party, Seeking Common Symbol to Contest Bihar Elections

A Delhi High Court bench comprising Justice ayant Nath, on Monday, sought the response of the Election Commission of India (ECI), while hearing a plea filed by the newly formed “Plurals Party”, seeking the use of ‘Chess Board’ as an election symbol during the Bihar Assembly elections.

The party submitted before the court that despite following the law, rules and regulations for the registration of political parties, ECI registered the political party, Plurals Party, only on October 13. The court has directed the ECI to file its reply within four weeks.

It ECI has argued that the term ‘election’ is inclusive of all steps from the date of notification of election till the date of declaration of the result. The Petitioner mentioned that relaxations were in effect till October 20 which was the last date for filing of nomination for phase three and 73 candidates of the petitioner party filed nominations out of which 63 nominations have been accepted.

The petitioner prayed that CHESS BOARD is a free symbol and the same may be allotted to the petitioner party in view of the communication issued by the respondent (ECI). The matter is next listed for hearing on 21.12.2020

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