Bail has been granted to Faizan Khan who was accused of offences under the UAPA

A single judge bench of the Delhi High Court consisting of Suresh Khait has granted bail to Faizan Khan on the lack of evidence against him. He was alleged to be part of the Jamia Coordination Committee (JCC) that caused the chakka jaam and other incidents in february 2020 in protest against the CAA.

It is the Delhi Police’s contention that the applicant who was working as an authorized Airtel representative at a store called Golden communications, had provided a Sim Card to Asif Iqbal Tanha, to conduct the preparation of unlawful and terrorist acts. This was considered to be the grounds for presumption of an offense under Section 14(e) of the UAPA.

With the investigation still pending and the allegation depending on a witness statement that the sim card was issued with a fake id, the court observed that there was no connection between issuing the card as a salesman in december 2019 and the chakka jaam and other incidents occurring in February 2020, in which Safoora Zargar, a later user, has been accused.Since he had cooperated in the investigation and had no knowledge of the future intentions of the sim card recipients, the court granted bail on depositing a personal bond.

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