A case has been quashed by Gujarat High Court lodged by the minor wife of a boy:

The girl lodged an FIR against the accused in which she reveals that she was 11 years old when she was forced to marry the accused(who was then 17 years old) in 2015. She further alleged that after she had gone to her in-laws house in 2016, she was forced to maintain physical relationship with her husband. Further while the petition was still pending, the girl filed an affidavit stating that she doesn’t want to to continue further proceedings as the dispute has been amicably resolved between the families.

Justice AS Supehia of Gujarat High Court imposed rupees 30,000 cost on the parents stating that they had ruined the childhood of the children by doing such an act. Further the court has noticed that “Sufficient time has been devoted by the investigating authority in conducting the investigation. The prosecutrix was also produced before the concerned Magistrate. A great deal of time is consumed of this Court including the registry. Hence, in order to avoid misuse of the penal provisions, I am of the considered opinion that the time is ripe to fasten the liability for sheer wastage of time of the State and the Court. Hence, I consider appropriate to impose a cost of Rs.30,000/-“.

The court further held that the cost are to be shared by parents of both the children equally because the prosecutrix’s parents are equally responsible for ruining their child’s childhood.

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