Ghaziabad Development Authority Restraint from demolition of slum: Allahabad High Court

It is contended that, in the case of the Ghaziabad Development Authority, some of the Basti houses were damaged by the local administration on 9 October and an attempt was made to evacuate the residents. The written petition was thus filed prosecuting the complete demolition of the Basti buildings.

The petitioners sought the full rehabilitation of all the Basti residents and urged the Court to rely on all related rehabilitation policies applicable to slum dwellers. They also demanded compensation of Rs . 20,000 as compensation for unlawful demolition to be paid to each of the residents.

The Bench believed that the Development Authority of Ghaziabad should have provided a place to rehabilitate the Basti residents before their eviction and the demolition of their houses. Court had also issued some guidelines-

1. The Ghaziabad Development Authority intend to make all appropriate arrangements as a temporary measure to provide connection with the service, including light water, to the residents of Bhovapur Basti until further notice;
2. also expected that all appropriate medical facilities be extended to residents of Bhovapur Basti.

3. The Ghaziabad Development Authority shall not proceed until further order with the demolition of the houses situated in Bhovapur Basti;

4. Ghaziabad District Administration shall provide temporary shelter to the Bhovapur Basti residents whose houses have already been demolished;

5. The Planning Authority and the State shall ensure the viability under the Pradhan Mantri Avas Yojna of the provision of houses

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