Coimbatore woman and daughter beat man to death for sexual harassment

A 46-year-old man was beaten to death by a woman and her daughter in Coimbatore after he had allegedly made obscene phone calls to the daughter over the past week. The incident happened at Karamadai, Coimbatore on Tuesday. The man was identified as N Periyasamy.
According to reports, 50-year-old Raji* and her daughter Devi* (32) lived in Periyar Nagar. Devi has been living with her widowed mother after her husband passed away a few months ago. Around a week ago, Devii got a call on her phone from an unidentified number, which ended up as a wrong call. However, Periyasamy, who had wrongly dialled Devi, continued to sexually harass her with calls. These calls were sometimes obscene and vulgar. In an attempt to report him, Devi recorded the calls and informed her mother about the man and his incessant torture. The two women decided to invite Periyasamy to their house on Tuesday to identify him.
A police officer told Times of India that when Periyasamy turned up at their house on Tuesday, an argument broke out between the mother-daughter and him about his behaviour. The argument escalated and the duo beat his legs, body and head with a log. Though he attempted to get out of the house, he collapsed on the road and died.The police also arrested Raji and Devi and booked them under section 302 (Murder) of the IPC. They will be remanded to judicial custody on Wednesday.

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