Additional charges invoked in TRP scam

The Mumbai Police have invoked four more penal provisions against the accused in TRP scam. It includes disappearance of evidence and destruction of document as evidence. News Network Channel and Mahaa movie channel have also been included in rigging of viewership figures. Republic TV which is one of the channel under this scam has refused to part with information sought by police, therefore these additional provisions of Indian Penal Code were added. Broadcasting Audience Research Council installed meters to measure TRPs. BARC had entered into a contract of monitoring the barometers to Hansa Research.

The legal provisions of Indian Penal code which were added:

*179 – Refusing to answer public servant authorized to question

*174 – Non-attendance in obedience to an order from public servant

*201 – Causing disappearance of evidence of offence or giving false information to screen offender

*204 – Destruction of document to prevent its production as evidence

Police said that these provisions were added because the officials of the channels who were summoned to produce documents did not cooperate.

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