Remarked that Government cannot just walk in inside the SC after the limitation period

An SLP was dismissed filed by the State of Madhya Pradesh as it was delayed with 663 days, and the argument given in this matter was that “due to unavailability of the documents and the process of arranging the documents”, there was delay.

The court also says that
“No doubt, some leeway is given for the Government inefficiencies but the sad part is that the authorities keep on relying on judicial pronouncements for a period of time when technology had not advanced and a greater leeway was given to the Government.”

The Supreme court asked state to pay a cost of 25000. The
amount will be recovered from the officers responsible for the
delay in filing the special leave petition and a
certificate of recovery of the said amount be also filed
in this Court within the said period of time.

“We make it clear that if the aforesaid order is not
complied within time, we will be constrained to initiate
contempt proceedings against the Chief Secretary.” Says SC

The special leave petition is dismissed as time barred in terms aforesaid.

State of Madhya Pradesh vs. Bherulal Diary no. 9217 OF 2020
Coram: Justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Dinesh Maheshwari

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