PM Speech: Narendra Modi address the nation today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tweeted on his social media that he will address the nation today at 6 PM.This is the Seventh Address to the nation since June after he announced a lockdown in the country because spreading of Coronavirus.PM Narendra Modi did not identify but as we know, the festival season of the country has about to come and it can cause the coronavirus to grow so, as per the information he would speak on the coronavirus situation and spread awareness about Covid-19 Pandemic. He is addressing the nation after four months. Last time, he addresses to reopen the lockdown.

In India, Coronavirus cases are about to reach 76 Lakh cases. Today, 46,791 fresh coronavirus cases found in a single day. Now, it has reached 75.97 Lakh case. Less than 10 percent of cases are active in India and more than 67 lakh people have recovered from Coronavirus and take to the rate of 88.64 percent recovery case. “This festive season, the charity must take precedence over the celebration,” the health minister said on the social media page ‘ Sunday Samvaad’. Union Health Minister Vardhan said and requested everyone that celebrates festivals at home with their family and loved ones in the traditional way to stop spread the infection of Covid-19.
“My own celebrations have remained because of the Pandemic and it is too worried about lakhs of corona warrior across the world battling for us and saving from Coronavirus,” said Minister.

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