Delhi riots: Statement of an accused was made public by Zee news

Zee news disclosed statements of an accused in the Delhi riots case. The statements were not attested by the signatures of the accused. Delhi High Court declined the application by the channel seeking to file the name of the source.

The court held that there is clear misrepresentation of facts in this case. The documents were not supposed to be published for public access. The confessional statements of the accused should not be accessed and they form as part of the case diary. The court has asked the Zee news to file an affidavit and disclosure of the source of this alleged confession.

A single judge bench of Justice Vibhu Bakhru has ordered the news channel to take appropriate Redressal measures and any remedy which could be taken without any sensationalism.

The court held that the channel did not have right under article 19(1) (a) of the constitution to publish such documents, so another chance was given to Zee news channel to file an affidavit disclosing the source of the statement that was broadcasted.

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