Pre-arrest bail plea rejected by Bombay High Court in the Suicide case.

In the death of the 30 year old daughter-in-law, 3 videos of harassment was found to be shot before her suicide. The mother-in-law was the accused and she was charged for abetment of suicide and cruelty under section 498(A) of IPC. Relying on these videos of harassment the Bombay High Court rejected the pre-arrest bail plea by her mother-in-law.

In the last videos of the victim, the mother-in-law was quarrelling with her. This was taken for determining the gravity of the offence. The intervenor complainant argued that the High Court can opine on the content of videos only during the trial and not before that. But it was rejected as an “unusual request”. The Judge noted that the panchanama was clear and detailed. The video shows quarrel and shouting and requesting her husband to stop his mother from abusing her. Her husband was arrested.

The father-in- law was granted pre-arrest bail and the mother-in-law sought similar protection. The ultimate at of committing suicide was because of the continuous harassment. HC sad instigation was important aspect in abetment of suicide and it is clearly proved in this case. Therefore, the anticipatory bail is rejected.

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