After student wakes up from coma and testifies, 2 techies convicted in bid to kill him

The attempt to murder happened ten years ago in Bengaluru and the student had gone into a coma.
Ten years after an engineering student was pushed off the fourth floor of a building near KR Puram in Bengaluru’s outskirts, sending him into a coma, two of his former college mates were convicted by a sessions court in the city on Friday. The sessions court sentenced the two techies — Jitendra Kumar Sahu and Shashank Das to seven years in prisonOn the morning of December 6, 2010, Souvik Chatterjee, a third-year engineering student, was asked to come to the rooftop of his friend’s home in Avalahalli near KR Puram. His classmates, Jitendra Kumar Sahu and Shashank Das threw him off the terrace floor of the building after an altercation they had about a woman Souvik was in love with and Shashank too was interested in. The Avalahalli Police said that what was perceived to be an accident case in 2010 turned out to be a case of attempted murder after Souvik and his famly members came to the police station over a year later to file a complaint. The fall, which had resulted in grievous injuries to Souvik’s skull, had rendered him comatose. He was treated at Manipal Hospital in Bengaluru, and remained in the hospital until he woke up from the coma a year later. A few months after Souvik gave his statement to the police and an FIR was registered, the investigators first tracked down Jitendra Sahu, who was working at an IT company in Bengaluru at the time. After he was arrested in 2012, they traced Shashank Das to New Delhi, where he was working for a bank in the tech department. The two men were out on bail the same year.
“We couldn’t track down the other accused in the case. There were two more men, who are still at large. Souvik’s family had produced medical bills in the court. They spent Rs 89 lakh for his treatment so far,” the police officer said.

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