Shri Krishna Janam Bhoomi Case: Mathura District Court Calls for Records on October 16

While hearing a civil appeal by ‘Bhagwan SriKrishna Virjman’, through Ranjana Agnihotri against the order of Civil Judge, Mathura, the Mathura District Court on Monday summoned all Court records with respect to the Shrikrishna Janam Bhoomi Case. The matter has been posted for hearing on October 16, 2020.

The appeal filed through Advocates Hari Shankar Jain, Vishnu Shankar Jain & Pankaj Kumar Verma and seeks removal of Masjid Idgah, allegedly built on the land of Shrikrishna Janam Bhoomi in Mathura. The matter was dismissed by the civil court, however the district court admitted the suit and ordered for the records to be presented.

The Appellants have asserted that their right to religion under Article 25 of the Constitution to perform puja at the Shri Krishna Janam Bhoomi, which is at present is alleged to be beneath the structure illegally raised by Muslims.

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