Mob violence is an attack on the root of civilised society: Allahabad High Court

The Allahabad high court has rejected a plea on mob violence and acts of assaulting the police. the court said that This act of taking the law into their own hands throughout agitations and assaulting the police in the streets with stones, rods, sticks, etc. is like an attack on the foundation of civilized society.

The court has refused to interfere and summons order filed within the case of assault on the Police by a mob of around three hundred individuals at the Shiohra station area of Bijnor.

The court aforementioned within the case of this incident in Sahaspeer village that the court will take action as per the principles. Also, the Petition filed against the summons order of the subordinate Court seeking cancellation of the charge sheet is laid-off. The Court aforementioned that it’s clear from observing the papers given that individuals have disobeyed the law and therefore the Police are attacked.

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