SC disagrees with the Andhra Pradesh government after saying that English is the only way to uplift the poor

The High Court of Andhra Pradesh quashed an order to impart primary education compulsorily through English medium saying it was the only mean to uplift poor and Dalit students into the mainstream. The Andhra Pradesh Government sought stay to this order.

The HC order quashing compulsory English medium instruction for students of class 1 to 6 would adversely impact hopes and aspirations of poor and Dalit students, who find it difficult in later life to compete with the students who get educated in English medium schools. Education through English medium would help the students, especially those from poor and backward classes to come up in life and compete confidently with others. Advocate K V Vishwanathan argued that the government had already said that it would set up Telugu medium schools at Madal headquarter levels with transport facilities to help those students who wanted to study in their mother tongue.

The bench comprising of Chief Justice S A Bobde and Justice A S Bopanna and V Ramasubramnian remained unimpressed. According to them it is not as simple as the senior Advocate had put it as the questions arising from debate over English versus vernacular language are complex and there is no one answer to this. Giving reference of China, France, Germany and other developed countries, where the medium of instruction is always the mother tongue, the Bench said that only in a few countries, the medium of instructions in schools is through a foreign language, like in India.

The Court was adjourned till next week.

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