Complaint against Supreme Court Judge filed by CM Jaganmohan Reddy

In an unprecedented move, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Jagamohan Reddy wrote a letter to Chief Justice SA Bobde in which he requested him to maintain the State’s judicial neutrality as well as a complaint against Justice NV Ramana in terms of taking control in the sitting of the Andhra Pradesh High Court.

It also included the roster of a few judges and cited instances of how matters important to the opposition Telugu Desam Party had been ‘allocated to a few judges’, along with copies of orders passed in a few matters.

With the reference to the previous documents presented, he stated that that Justice Ramana was a legal adviser and additional advocate-general in the previous government in of the cases.

He also mentioned about the State Committee which was set up in June 2019 to examine the allegations of unbridled corruption, ruthless exploitation of natural resources, grabbing of lands from small and marginal farmers. With regard to certain matters, he urged Justice Bobde to consider initiating steps to ensure that the State’s judicial neutrality was maintained.

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