The petition filed to rename the Allahabad High Court as Prayagraj High Court is merely a public stunt

The Allahabad High Court recently dismissed a plea wherein the petitioner has submitted that the court must be renamed as Prayagraj High Court.

The decision of the court is based on the analysis of Article 215, 225 and 372 of the Constitution of India and on the following observations-

1.The petitioner did not have present a valid counter-argument.

2.Moreover, the court reiterated on the concept of separation of powers and how the legislature, executive, and judiciary must act in their respective powers and boundaries. It is one of the founding features of a democratic framework that dwelled upon our constitution. Therefore, one organ should not encroach upon the powers of the other.

3.The court found that the present writ petition is a mere publicity stunt. If the petitioner is so concerned about the issue then he must present his side of reasonable arguments and then approach the court. Thus, the petition was dismissed on the grounds of being arbitrary and a publicity stunt litigation.

4. The bench said renaming a district is within the powers of the Legislature under the Constitutional scheme and, hence, it cannot interfere in the issue.


Justice PK Jaiswal and Justice DK Singh dismissed the petition, however, restrained itself from imposing a cost on the petitioner for filing an unnecessary petition, stating that the petitioner was a practising lawyer of the court.

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