Petition filed in Supreme Court for quashing and the re-conducting of CLAT entrance exam 2020

A new turn comes in the CLAT 2020 entrance exam as few of the clat aspirants filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India for the reconduction of the CLAT because some technical glitches were faced by the CLAT aspirants during the exam which was held on September 28 2020. After so many postponement the exam was finally held on September 28 2020. CLAT aspirants also pleaded the Supreme Court to direct NLU Consortium to form a committee to look into the matter on the issues which was raised by the CLAT aspirants. Petitioners have claimed they face different type of technical glitches during the exam such as-
• the opted answer was shown as not attempted in the answer sheet
• result calculated for those answers which were not even attempted
•some of the questions are wrong in themselves or other their answers are wrong
The answer sheet for the online exam was published by the CLAT Consortium on the same day. The final answer key after entertaining issue was published on October 3, 2020.

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