Gujarat High Court has decided to upload orders/judgment in Gujarati language:

In a press release High Court official said that “As desired by Honourable the Chief Justice of High Court of Gujarat, Mr. Justice Vikram Nath and as further recommended by Honourable Judges of the Artificial Intelligence Committee of the High Court, Honourable the Chief Justice has been pleased to pass directions to start uploading one order/judgment of this High Court per working day in Gujarati language on the website of the High Court for the benefit of litigants and the general public.”

On the matter of publishing orders/judgments in Gujarati language the official said that “It is important to not only take justice to the people, but also to make it understandable to litigating parties in a language they know. High Courts deliver judgments in English, but we are a country of diverse languages. The litigant may not be conversant with English and the finer points of the judgment may escape him or her. The litigating parties will thus be dependent on the lawyer or anotherperson to translate the judgment.”

Earlier, President Ram Nath Kovind emphasized on the need of translating judgments in the local languages in his address at Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law Academy, Chennai in July 2019.

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