Karnataka government gives nod to proposal to include Transgender in OBC category for the purpose of recruitment.

A notification was issued by the Director of the Karnataka State Police about the vacancies for ‘men’ and ‘women’ for filling up 2,467 posts. This notification included the specification about age, height, weight and other criteria only for “men and “women”. This was a clear violation of the fundamental rights of the third gender.

On 2nd October 2020, the Karnataka government has submitted a proposal before the Karnataka High Court to include transgender in the “Other Backward Classes” for the purpose of recruitment. The petition is filed by an organization, known as “Sangama” challenging the notification which violated the transgender person’s right. The petitioner’s contention was to treat the transgender persons as a separate category and to make a reservation policy for them. The Karnataka government submitted that the decision could be taken by the government after consulting the State commission.

The Bench held that the role of Commission in taking decisions regarding backward class category is a question before the Court to determine. The matter was adjourned by the bench for further hearing on October 16.

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