Directives for eateries issued by Allahabad High Court ; wants state to prescribe quality standards for manufacturing of masks

The Allahabad High Court has directed the state government to prescribe quality standards for manufacturing masks and sanitisers as per the directives of Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR). 

The division bench of Justice Siddhartha Varma and Justice Ajit Kumar has issued guidelines for restaurants and eateries and said if restaurants permit people to have food in their premises then they should ensure that social distancing is maintained.

The Court has further directed that authorities have to make sure that strict action should be taken if anyone not following that guidelines or violating the norms. In addition to it, no customer/individual should be seen without a mask within five yards of any eatery.

Along with this, the Court has further directed that no roadside eateries and open air restaurants shall sell potable water, and restaurants serving food on their premises should ensure social distancing. The restaurant has the responsibility to make sure that no person should throw any used plate, spoon or glass near an eatery.

All eateries will make arrangements for selling their food articles in tightly packed or sealed boxes, and eateries having a business of over Rs 5,000 a day should install CCTV cameras.
The High Court, however, said the guidelines will not be a permanent feature but will remain operational for a period of six weeks from the passage of the order.

The Court ordered to put a notification of ‘No Mask No Entry’ should be published in various daily newspapers in all the districts throughout the state.

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