Bail has been granted to Activist Akhil Gogoi by NIA Court in Chabua Police Station Case:

Activist Akhli Gogoi was alleged to led a crowd of around 6000 people who tried to murder the police officer on duty. Also the crowd was alleged to cause economic blockade and pelting of stones and one of the informants was grievously injured.

On the basis of the said allegations Akhli Gogoi was registered under Sections 120 B/147/148/149307/326/336/353 in the case No. 289/2019 in the Chabua Police Station. He was also booked under Sections 15 and 16 of the UA(P) Act which explicitly defines ‘Terrorist Acts’.

The Special Court was of the opinion that “Apart from materials about A-1 (Akhil Gogoi) delivering the provocative speech, there are no sufficient materials including photographs etc.
About A-1 actually leading violent mobs and/or handling weapons. The Stone pelting which caused the unfortunate injuries on the informant
was done so by someone from the crowd which got agitated in the context of the speech delivered by A-1 on the issue of CAA”

Further Court also added that “Considering the Content of the speeches and the statement of the witnesses about provocative speech, it appears that the tone and
tenor of the speech might have been aggressive on the much-debated issue of CAA, rather than the speech directly inciting violence”

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