Man accused of rape, acquitted after 20 years by the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court in this 20 year old pending rape case, has acquitted the alleged, stating that the relationship was consensual and the filing of the case was an “afterthought” of the so called victim in light of the accused getting married to another woman.

The three judge bench set aside the conviction given by the trial court and stated that the girl was not a minor, as stated by her, at the time of the “alleged assault”.

The court also referred to the love letters exchanged between the two and the pictures taken by them, showed that the two were indeed a couple and that these letter were exchanged after the assault done at knife-point and yet the couple had stayed in a live-in relationship of 4 years.

The woman stated that the man had promised to marry her, as per reason to stay in the live-in relationship. The court stated that it was not possible to deduce the man’s intention to marry by the letters exchanged between the two.

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