‘Don’t let political parties exploit you’: Navjot Singh Sidhu urges farmers to contest polls

He said that 60 per cent of Punjab’s population works in the farming sector, hence farmers are in majority in the state.
“If you are in majority, why don’t you all unite together and contest elections so as to send your representatives to Vidhan Sabha? If your voice is in Vidhan Sabha, they will speak for you. Realise your strength and don’t let political parties exploit you.”
The MLA said this at Mannawala in Sangrur district, his native village where he had spent his childhood years.

Speaking on the farm Bills issue, he said, “I will go to other villages of Punjab as well, but I have started from my native village as I am sure that my message from this village will reach all 12,000 villages of Punjab.”

Sidhu was welcomed by villagers and Monday’s programme was dedicated to freedom fighter Bhagat Singh as Sidhu said, “This fight is not for our crops, land but for our ‘pagg’. We all need to remember Bhagat Singh’s words on his birthday — ‘Pagri sambhal jatta pagri sambhal ve, hakumatan na tera lutt liya mal ve’.”Accusing the Centre of following a ‘use and throw’ policy for Punjab, he said, “We never needed the Green Revolution, the country needed it. So 2 per cent of the country’s population has fed 60% of it. And now they want to snatch our identity from us.

Targeting the Electricity Bill, he said, “Now the entire control of Electricity Bill will go to Centre and they will ask state to give subsidy of free power directly to farmers in their bank accounts . However, from where will the state — which is debt-ridden — be able to give this subsidy to you? Hence, power subsidy will come in danger. But I have a plan as to how the government can raise this fund for power subsidy and come out of debt. First target the liquor mafia, next the sand mafia and further transport mafia of Sukha gappi (Sukhbir Singh Badal), what to talk of Rs 10,000 crore a year, the state will be able to collect over Rs 25,000 crore a year if all these mafias are controlled. I gave these suggestions two years ago as well as I am very clear and my politics is for giving solutions and doing welfare of people.”

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