Next friends of Deity Shri Krishna file suit claiming ownership of Mathura Site

Ranjana Agnihotri and six other devotees of Lord Sri Krishna claiming to be next friends have moved the court in the name of Shri Krishna Virajman. The petitioner’s address in the plea is Katra Keshav Dev Khewat, Mauja Mathura Bazaar City. The Sunni Central Waqf Board and the alleged trust Shahi Masjididgah have been named as respondents for illegally constructing a superstructure on the plaintiff’s land.

The suit states that the superstructure is an encroachment on the deity’s land who is recognized by the Hindu law and has a right to sue.

The issue dates back to a 1978 deed entered between the parties for a compromise on the land which has been claimed to be non-binding by the petitioners.

The petitioners pray for the removal of the Shah Idgah Masjid and give back the ownership of the 13.37 acres of the Krishna Janmabhoomi land.

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