Use of A4 sized sheets printed on both sides for Court work : announced Kerala HC

Relying on Supreme Court’s decision in Feb 2020 to allow the use of double-printed A4 sized sheets Kerala High Court Advocates Association came to this decision.


1. Minimising consumption of paper adds a positive impact on the environment.

2. Besides it reduces costs and needs lesser storage space.


Hereafter, all petitions, affidavits, memoranda of appeal and other proceedings presented before the High Court shall be in A4 size papers and typewritten/printed on both sides.

Take of other HC on this-

1. *Allhabad Court-*

The issue sought to be agitated by the petitioners requires serious consideration in administrative side.

2. *Calcutta* *&* *Tripura HC-*

Followed the Supreme Court’s example in adopting the use of A4 size paper.

3. *Gujarat HC &* *Delhi High Court*-

Considering the shift to using A4-sized sheets, printed on both sides, in the interest of the environment.

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