AP Government challenges HC order staying investigation in Amaravati land scam case

Andhra Pradesh’s YSRCP government, led by Jagan Mohan Reddy, has filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the High Court order on the Amaravati Land Scam case. The impugned order barred police investigation and media coverage based on a petition filed by a former Advocate General.

Besides the former advocate general, the FIR was also listed against daughters of a Sitting Supreme Court judge. However the plea seeking the barring was only filed by the Advocate General upon apprehension of coercive steps taken by the Anti Corruption Bureau and other state mechanisms.

The petition before the High Court challenges the order on the grounds that the plea for stay on investigation was filed before the FIR was registered. It alleges the non-examination of the FIR in question before passing the order. Moreover, the plea was only filed by one of the parties accused but the protection against media coverage was extended to others too.

The state government also raises concerns regarding documentary evidence that might be destroyed by the respondents before the investigation takes place.

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