Plea in Delhi HC to quash the govt order reserving 80% ICU beds for COVID-19 patients

A petition has been filed before the Delhi high court to quash a government order that desires private hospitals to reserve 80 percent of their intensive care unit beds for COVID-19 patients. Such an order can deal with a vast blow to the treatment of non-COVID emergency patients, the plea has claimed.

The petition has been filed by the Association of medical suppliers, alleging that such reserving of beds is additionally exposing non-COVID-19 patients to the danger of COVID-19 which the order has been issued with none previous discussion with private hospitals and without understanding this demand-supply scenario of vital care beds.

It is alleged that the impugned order has been passed in a discretional, unfair, and illegitimate manner while not even realizing the difficulties that will be faced by the aforesaid private nursing homes and hospitals.

The petition has sought to quash or put aside the impugned order issued by the Government and further guiding the govt to permit private hospitals to limit the intensive care unit bed capability for COVID-19 patients to forty percent of the ICU beds.

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