India ranks 105 in Economic Freedom Index 2020

The Global economic freedom index 2020 has been released as a part of the economic freedom of the world 2020 report by the Fraser Institute in Canada. In India the report was published by Delhi-based Centre for Civil Society.
This is the 24th edition of Economic Freedom of the World.

What is it –
The report measures economic freedom of the ability of individuals to make their own economic decisions in a country by analysing policies and Institutions of these countries.

It ranks countries by looking at the indicators like regulation, freedom to trade internationally, size of government, property rights, government spending and taxation.

The report use data from 2018 as the latest year of comparable statistic and analysis policies and Institution of 162 countries and territories

The index has been topped by Hong Kong followed by Singapore. India has been ranked 105 in the index. It was ranked 79th in the previous edition of this report .

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