Sudarshan TV restrained from broadcasting controversial show

A three-judge bench of Supreme Court comprising of Justices D.Y. Chandrachud, Indu Malhotra and K.M. Joseph heard a plea and observed-

1. It appears that the program’s object is to vilify the Muslim community and make it responsible for an insidious attempt to infiltrate the civil services.

2.The edifice of a stable democratic society and observance of constitutional rights and duties is based on coexistence of communities, and any attempt to vilify a community must be viewed with disfavour.

3. A committee should be made consisting of five distinguished citizens of commendable nature to formulate certain standards to be followed by the electronic media.

4.Media can’t fall foul of standards prescribed by themselves.

5.The importance of having some regulating standards for television news channels, as reach of TV is more than newspapers, where people may not read newspapers but they do watch television.

6.Watching TV has an entertainment value which newspapers don’t which is why there’s a need to have some standards.

7.Journalistic freedom is not absolute. A journalist shares the same freedom as any other citizens and there is no separate freedom for journalists like in the United States. Therefore journalists who are fair in their debates are needed.

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