Court cannot be a mute spectator: Karnataka High Court

The high court of Karnataka has discharged an appeal for leniency and upheld the sentence of rigorous imprisonment for seven years obligatory on a convict for raping a 69 year-old lady.

A division bench of Justices B. Veerappa and E.S. Indiresh ascertained that the court cannot be a mute spectator and permit injustice being done to women, generation after generation.

According to the bench, time warrants the courts to act as guardians and shield Dharma so as to safeguard the protection of ladies, as contemplated by Article 21 of the Constitution of India and punish the violators as well as rapists severely with iron hands.

The court ascertained that a woman’s body isn’t a man’s artifact and he cannot take benefit of it to satisfy his lust and also the society won’t tolerate such things any longer. Such an attack by the accused, who was nearly the age of the victim’s grandchild, was that of a cruel animal.

The court noted that such an act is a serious blow to the woman’s supreme honor and offends her modesty and dignity also.

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