Supreme Court releases entry guidelines for physical hearings

To ease the process of physical hearings, the Supreme Court has released an e-user guide that provides instructions for formalities that can be done online through the court’s website. These guidelines help limit the physical hearings in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic that have resumed since September 1.

The Standard Operating Procedure contains 17 pages with guidance on the e-nomination of counsel and clerk, e-application for special hearings and e-submission of self declaration.

For nominating counsels, the website displays the total number of Advocates-on-Record (AOR) in a given case and the working capacity of the court. Registered clerks are allowed to assist the AORs but cannot enter courtrooms. These entries can be changed till 9:00am on the day of hearing.

Entry pass mechanisms are designed on the basis of mobile numbers submitted. These entry passes shall be applicable for the single case only and multiple passes need to be taken for multiple entries on the same day.

Before entering the court premises, it is mandatory to sign the declaration form stating good health and fitness.

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