Shots fired for first time on LAC in 45 years

China has made multiple attempts to push back Indian soldiers from dominating heights near the Reqin Pass and Spanggur Gap in eastern Ladakh.
The PLA late on September 7 (Monday) night accused Indian troops of crossing the LAC and firing shots to deter Chinese patrol guards in the Pangong area. Rejecting allegation that Indian troops fired shots at a Chinese patrol, the Indian Army In September 8 (Tuesday) said it was the PLA troops who “fired a few rounds in the air” while attempting to “close in” on an Indian forward position along the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh.
This is the first instance since 1975 when shots have been fired along the LAC — 45 years ago, an Assam Rifles patrol was ambushed by the Chinese in Tulung La in Arunachal Pradesh. Pictures have emerged of Chinese soldiers carrying rifles and iron rods, with what appear to be machetes on their heads, near the vicinity of India’s forward locations.
The Chinese made an attempt to push back Indian soldiers from three heights along the Rezang La-Rechin La ridgeline. These heights are in Indian territory but are claimed by the Chinese. The Chinese troops were in three different teams and were armed. The PLA soldiers were given a warning by the Indians to stay away, but at one of the heights, a group of about 40 Chinese soldiers opened fire in the air.

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