Wages for prisoners to be revised as per the provisions of Rule 31 of the Rajasthan Prison Rules, 1951: says Rajasthan HC.

As per the provision of Rule 31(1) of Part XII of the Rules of 1951, prisoners who have worked as labourers in prison are entitled to wages as fixed by the government from time to time.
This is payable to the prisoner on the basis of:

1. Work done by them as directed to them
2. After deducting expenses on clothing, food and other items of expenditure.
3. Out of the amount to be paid to the prisoners 75 percent will be given to them and 25 percent to the victims or his beneficiary.

Based on the decision of the Supreme Court in the *State of Gujarat & Anr. Vs. Hon’ble High Court of Gujarat*, the Rajasthan HC Justices Rameshwar Vyas and Sangeeta Lodha directed the state government to revise the wages in line with the as per the provisions of Rule 31 of 1951 Rules and directed to form a committee within two weeks to:

1. Evaluate the quantum of equitable wages to be paid to the prisoners.
2. To make recommendations to the state government based on which it would come to a decision taking into the consideration the recommendation of the committee.
3. Till the state government comes to a decision, the prisoners would be paid wages as per the work done by them in accordance to the rates as prescribed by the state government.

A time period of three months has been given to the State Government to file a compliance report. The court warned that non-fulfillment of this would mean a violation of the provisions and would also amount to contravention of the guidelines issued by the Supreme Court.

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