Petitioner in landmark Supreme Court judgement, Kesvananda Bharti passes away

Kesvananda Bharati, on whose petition the Supreme Court delivered a landmark judgement that the basic structure of the Constitution can’t be altered, died on Sunday, September 6, 2020. The SC then had 16 judges and yet Chief Justice SM Sikri constituted a 13 judge bench, the largest ever till date. The judgement pronounced on April 24,1973 was historic as well famous. Historic because 11 of the 13 judges wrote separate judgements in the history.

Police gave the statement that Kesvananda Bharti died at the Edneer Mutt at 3.30 am Sunday due to age related ailments.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi shows his condolences on twitter, “We will always remember Pujya Kesvananda Bharati Hi for his contributors towards community service and empowering the downtrodden. He was deeply attached to India’s rich culture and our great Constitution. He will continue to inspire generations. On Shanti.”

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