MP High Court grants Temporary Bail to a man Accused of rape for solemnization of marriage between accused and complaint

Man accused of having committed rape on the pretext of marriage got a temporary bail by Madhya Pradesh High Court so that marriage between the complaint and accused can be solemnised.
The court has informed that the complainant and the rape-accused had started a physical relationship in 2017, at which point of time the complainant was married to someone else.
The Complaint stated that after having physical relationship and got the divorce form previous marriage the accused has backed out of his promise to marry the complainant , which leads out to rape complaint.
The Court’s order reads,
“Looking to the fact that the appellant and the prosecutrix are major and now they are ready to solemnize marriage. In these circumstances, present appeal is allowed in part and the appellant is granted temporary bail for a period of two months from the date of his release so that during this period the appellant can solemnize the marriage with the prosecutrix.”

The accused was directed to be released on bail on the execution of personal bond of Rs.50,000 with a solvent surety in the like amount.

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