The Indian navy gave us the lastest update about the fire in Sri Lankan coast, the oil tanker caught fire and the tanker was 70 km away from the coast and is being escorted by Sahyadri.

With the help of India an as well with indians they all are safe and secure, the fire has been ” successfully contained “.

The oil tanker named MT new diamond was on fire and now successfully contained and the ship cured.

The result of the combined operation is that the Ill- fated oil tanker has been secured from all the sides.

The ship was carrying 270,000 metric tones of crude oil from Kuwait to India and had caught fire.

Indian ships pressed into service after the Lankan navy sought assistance to control a fire on board.

The disaster relief operation was joined by Indian coast guard ship (ICGS) sarang.

The oil tanker had 23 crew members 18 Filipions and 05 Greeks and they all were rescued from the fire tank.

But, the one filipion sailor had died in the boiler explosion in engine room.

The Sri Lankan navy said, there is no risk of an oil spill so far. The continuous cooling effect during the disaster relief operation has controlled the fire – spread now.

All the situations under the control the Sri Lankan navy said.

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