Advocate Welfare Committee has approved 1 crore for indigent lawyer irrespective of Covid-19 or other disease

Delhi High Court that a grant of Rs 1 crore has been approved for the benefit of indigent lawyers, irrespective of whether they have contracted COVID-19 (Vaibhav Sharma vs Advocates Welfare Trust)
A petition was filled by the Advocate Vaibhav Sharma seeking the release of least Rs 25,000 from the Advocates Welfare Fund, for the benefit of Delhi lawyers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
It is informed by the Trust Committee that the advocates who were suffering from any serious ailment, including COVID-19, and who was undergoing treatment in a hospital was entitled to reimbursement of the medical expenses.
In view of the steps taken by the Advocates Welfare Trust towards the benefit of advocates, the Court opined that there was no need to further monitor the same.
After counsel for the Petitioner, Senior Advocate N Hariharan submitted that adequate publicity should be given with respect to the Advocates Welfare Trust at the district level and that the corpus of the fund should also be increased, the Court ordered that as and when the financial position of the Trust permits, the grant should be increased.
The petition was subsequently disposed of.

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