A written compliant alleged the man was thrashed the so viciously Inside the police post in ballia that he had to be rushed to a government hospital.

In Lucknow four policemen including a senior officer and several were injured in a clash.

There was a matter of clash over custodial torture In Uttar Pradesh, ballia.

Policemen and others being treated at a hospital, because they were injured by several people’s.

Panna Rajbhar, called to a police post at Rasra in ballia district for questioning over a dispute with his extended family, some villagers said.

A written compliant by Mr. Rajbhar’s family alleged he was thrashed so viciously Inside the police post that he had to be rushed to government hospital.

The complaint named a sub- inspector and a head constable.

The villagers gathered on a road and started protesting against the policemen.

They started throwing stones at the police and refused to disperse.

They set a fire around police post and they vandalised some of motorcycles.

The police charged, lathi charged on them, who were protesting against the policemen, in response the policemen charged it.

The policemen were injured by the villagers on head. The men and women both were beaten by them. A woman were injured and also taken away by two others to the hospital.

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