SC pulls up the Maharashtra and Delhi Government to file affidavit in the case of Migrant Workers

On 1st September 2020, The Apex court has taken a suo-moto action on the Covid-19 migrant workers and asked the the governments of Maharashtra and Delhi for failing to file affidavits on the operation of three enactments relating to migrant workers.
Pointing out that Maharashtra and Delhi had the highest number of migrant workers, the Court said,
“Although various States have filed their reply but the States of Maharashtra and NCT of Delhi have not filed their affidavits in compliance of our order dated 31.07.2020. The States of Maharashtra and Delhi are the States where the maximum number of migrants have come and are working.”
To ensure that the funds allocated and earmarked for the their welfare are disbursed to them, the three enactments in question require states to register the migrant labour workforce in order.
An Application filled by NHRC in the Apex Court which highlights the the implementation of the provisions under these Acts was not done in various states.
During the court proceedings, the court has granted another two weeks of Maharashtra and Delhi Government to furnish the information of migrant works.

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