The Deputy CM (Sushil Modi) of Bihar, said no political party is in a. Position to form a government alone.

In Bihar already there are ‘alliance politics’, which has become reality with the BJP, JDU and RJD, these three parties have triangular forces.

The senior leader of BJP claimed the opposition grand alliance, led by Rashtriya Janata Alliance and known as  ‘mahagathbandhan’, was nowhere in fight against the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and also lacked liability.

The BJP leader stated that NDA would contest the elections unitedly and formed the government against, under the leadership of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

According to Modi, no political party is in a situation to form a government of its own.

BJP, JDP and RJD are the major parties of Bihar politics, and there is no misconception about this.

The bihar legislative assembly is scheduled to end on November 29 and the polls are likely to be held sometime in october – november.

Referring to the 2015 assembly polls that the BJP had contested alone and the 2014 Lok Sabha elections fought alone by JDU, Modi said,”The BJP has no misunderstanding about its strength.

He said the alliance between the BJP and JDU has been a smooth affair since 1996 and it has provide good governance in the state with the robust co-ordination among alliance partners.

The JDU and the LJP targeting each other over a host of issues including holding elections during the covid-19 pandemic, modi called it ‘momentary’, and he hoped that the issues will be resolved soon.

The Sushil Modi, is a long associate of Chief minister kumar, rejected the opposition parties’ charge that there was resentment among people.

The state government turned every crisis into an opportunity. There is no resentment of as is being claimed. Neither, the migrant labourers nor floods issue.

Modi slammed opposition parties for “ruining” bihar under their 55 years of rule and said he was challenging them to contest the elections on issues of bijli, Pani and sadak.
(Electricity, water and roads)

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