Bail has been denied to a ‘Pinjra Tod’ member and a student of JNU booked under UAPA:

Additional Sessions Judge Amitabh Rawat of Delhi High Court denied the bail to the activist of ‘Pinjra Tod’ group and a student of JNU by the name Devangana Kalita who has been booked under the stringent provisions of anti-terror law under Unlawful Activities and Prevention Act. She was booked for her ‘conspiracy’ to create unrest in Delhi in February.

The judge observed “The accused had planned and done chakka-jam resulting in riots as part of the plan. The statements clearly point out the role of the accused Devangana (Kalita) as also other co-accused persons and various actions taken by them in pursuance of the conspiracy.”

On behalf of the prosecution, it was said that the JNU student was part of riotous organization that was one of the organization who did violent protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizens. Her location was constantly found at the place of rioting and she was in the constant touch with some other rioters.

She was arrested in June after her name was revealed by the Co-Accused.

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