Delhi Hc asks Mehul Choksi to seek preview of Bad Boy Billionaires

After hearing Mehul Choski’s concerns with the Netflix series, Bad Boy Billionaires, the Delhi High Court had ordered a pre-screening of the series.
The series contains a segment on Nirav Modi and the PNB Scam for which Mehul Choksi has also been accused. Apprehending an impact on his fair trial, Mehul Choksi had filed a suit against Netflix demanding a restraint order on segments that feature him. 

The Fugitive approached the Court stating that judicial intervention was necessary to protect his fundamental rights of a just and fair trial and right to reputation. The counsels for Netflix have responded that Mehul Choksi only features for two minutes in the entire episode of his Nephew and Co-accused Nirav Modi. It has also been submitted that the series is based on facts that are already in the public domain.

Owing to the lack of regulation of OTT platforms, Mehul Choksi’s only legal options were to file a suit or make use of Section 69A of the Information and Technology Act, 2000 that enables the Government to block access to any information available online.

The matter was heard by a Single Judge Bench of Justice Navin Chawla. The court has adjourned the matter for August 28 and has asked Mehul Choksi’s lawyer to pray for a preview instead.

Mehul Choksi v. UOI

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