PETA Filed Plea regarding another Transmitting Disease ‘Glanders’

The PETA has filed a petition within the delhi high court with regards to the problem of glanders in horses, mules, ponies, and donkeys in city seeking directions to implement hindrance and management of Infectious and communicable disease in Animal Act, 2009 and National Action set up for its management and destruction.

The petition has additional wanted directions to the respondent to check all the horses, mules, ponies, and donkeys in city now, stating that “…instead of testing each horse, mules, ponies, and donkey they’re being housed and plying in, the city has closed its eyes towards the approaching unwellness and isn’t taking any measures to stop individuals of Delhi from the eruption of another grave disease.”

The petition states that “Glanders could be a zoonosis and is transmitted from animal to humans and just in case if preventive measures aren’t taken directly then even the individuals could get infected which can be fatal for the humans.”

Whereas, the petition alleged that, “despite sounding of perennial alerts by the ICAR with relation to spreading among animals, no preventive measures are being taken by the govt. dissipating unfold of zoonosis within the equines in Delhi.”

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