Hearing in the matter of Dr. Kafeel Khan defers by Allahabad High Court till 27th August

Detention of jailed Uttar Pradesh doctor Kafeel Khan has been adjourned and extended by Allahabad High Court. Dr Khan has been lodged in Mathura Jail for an allegedly provocative speech at the Aligarh Muslim University in the backdrop of protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. It is observed by the Supreme Court that the matter related to the personal liberty have always been prioritised by the Apex Court.
When the matter came up before the Allahabad High Court today, the petitioner sought time to peruse the affidavit submitted by the State. The State also requested that it be allowed to file a supplementary affidavit responding to the petitioner’s rejoinder submitted earlier.
“Having considered facts of the case, we also deem it appropriate to peruse original record of the proceedings under National Security Act, 1980 resulting into detention of Dr. Kafeel Khan and further extension of the same.”
Plaintiff’s Mother has challenged his detention under the NSA Act and filled as a Heabous Corpus petition for his release.

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