To extend the deadline of moratorium on loan repayment lawyers moves to SC

On account of the economic crisis faced by various sectors A lawyer has moved the Supreme Court seeking a direction for the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to extend the moratorium on repayment of term loans.
Touching upon the financial distress faced by many of the lawyers and litigators, the petitioner says that the pandemic has also set off another crisis where people have lost their jobs or source of income and are in dire situations. The closing down of the Court during the lockdown led to many lawyers finding themselves in a tough situation, it is further said.
People employed in other similarly placed industries are also likely to continue facing the effect of the financial crisis for more time and lawyers also under financial stress are unlikely to overcome the situation by August 31 considering the Court remains closed for physical hearings.
The petitioner invokes Article 21 and the right to life and livelihood saying that a situation of this nature would be in violation of this fundamental right.
As such, the prayer is made for a direction for the extension of moratorium till December 31 “till the time court reopens with the direction to all the banks to kindly adhere to the same for the Lawyers/Service Sector, Transport and Tourist Industry including Drivers, tourist guides and other covered under these sector and Defer the EMI payment on Term loans;”

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