Petition filed by NUALS Student in Kerala HC

28 NUALS Students has filed a petition in the Kerala High Court seeking that University is not entitled to collected fee for services that are not being availed by the students due to the closure of the University and classes conducted through online medium by the college authorities due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The University had noticed the Students to pay a fee which included Library Fee, Information System Facility Fee, Electricity Charges, Students’ Welfare Fund, Students’ Council Fee, Sports & Games Fee, Moot Court Fee, Medical/Gym/Fitness Fee, Journal Fee, Bus fee and Debating Society Fee.

The students state that the Chief Justice of the High Court of Kerala, who is the Chancellor, NUALS, had directed the university to consider the issue raised by the students council. But without favourable consideration of fee reduction, the university administration is insisting that the fee should be paid, the students said in the writ petition filed through  M/s. Ninan & Mathew Advocates. 

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