A committee has been formed by Calcutta High Court to ascertain School Fees:

On August 17, 2020, a division bench comprising of Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Moushami Bhattacharya have appointed a committee to review Income and Expenditure Audits of School before and after the lockdown so that additional variable cost if occurred could be passed on to the parents and would not be incurred by the school management.

The division bench issued following orders on July 21:

  1. No school out of 112 schools in dispute shall discontinue providing online course content and studying materials to the students and no condition should be kept in this regard till August 15.
  2. Schools should not prohibit any student to give online exams till August 15 and this should also be done unconditionally.
  3. Also, by August 15 every student must pay the 80% of his amount outstanding till July 31.

The bench formulated a two members committee headed by professor Suranjan Das, present vice-chancellor of Jadavpur University to examine the accounts of 112 school in dispute and also directed the schools to file all necessary details and account records before the committee before the due date.

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