Public servant comparing Covid19 to the Quran granted anticipatory bail

Justice K. Natarajan of the Karnataka High Court allowed anticipatory bail to be granted to public servant whose facebook post compared the Corona Virus to the Holy Quran. The petitioner Kusumadhara Kaniyoor’s Facebook post contained the statement: “Quran is danger than corona to India due to Hubli incident.”
Following the complaint raised by Mahammad Saheer, the Bellare police station had filed charges under sections 153A and 502 of the IPC for creating Communal tension.
Making a case for bail, the petition states that the most important element of a crime which is criminal intention was absent in this case. Bail was earlier rejected by a Sessions court in Mangalore, prompting the petitioner to approach the High Court.
The single judge bench observed that the case did not create violence or tension at the first look which is neither punishable by life imprisonment or death penalty. The police had not taken the Magistrate’s permission to file a criminal case too.
Anticipatory bail was granted on certain conditions including the furnishing of a security bond.

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