Anyone including Sanjay raut, can never insult dostors and others in the medical fraternity especially after their contribution during the covid-19 pandemics, said this by Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut on Tuesday.

According to him,the statement which is given by him directed towards the world health organisation (WHO’s) role during the crisis phase and added that this statement were being unnecessarily politicised by some others.

After the statement some people are trying to play politics over it. According to him,he did not insulted anybody specially the doctors, it was directely towards the WHO.

WHO done its job correctly in the covide pandemic would not have spread around the globe, he said.

He clarified his statement after the Indian Medical Association (IMA) wrote to vice-president and rajya Sabha chairman M Vankaih Naidu over the alleged “derogatory statements” issued against doctors and the WHO by the Rajya Sabha.

Sanjay Raut MP from Maharashtra passed some derogatory and loose comments recently in an interview on a Marathi Television News Channel.

“He said, Doctors do not know anything.”
“Compounders are better.” “I always take medicine from a compounder, never from a doctor,” “WHO is an useless organisation, because of WHO the coronavirus pandemic came,” the IMA said in its letter to the vice president.

Thane branch had also written to chief minister Uddhav Thackeray condemning rauts’s statement and asked him for his resignation.

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